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kirby and matt . a well curated new jersey wedding

I mean this with absolutely no hyperbole, but Matt and Kirby are two of my favorite people in the world. They started as clients, over a year from today, and instantly turned into lifelong friends. Many months and adventures later, I am a better person for having met them.

Insanely stylish, kind, honest, and loving; I really lucked out with these two. The following images are my hand at attempting to do them justice.


Laurita Winery, New Jersey.

Thanks to the greatly talented Claire Hudson for shooting this with me. Some of her images are mixed in above.

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lydia {ever ours} - f 15, 12 - 12:44 pm

you always amaze me with your work!

catherine - f 15, 12 - 12:45 pm

Damn you’re good

Scott Andrew - f 15, 12 - 1:17 pm

I knew you before you were big! Wait, that didn’t sound right, lol. Killer work Pat. Your vision and voice is clear and strong, keep it up!

ryan - f 15, 12 - 2:14 pm

prittay prittay awesome.

Curtis - f 26, 12 - 1:36 pm

Well done! Nice images.

Julia Manchik - f 1, 13 - 12:41 am

These two have great style! Love how your photos pop.