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Who knew New Jersey had beautiful old homes on top of hills (overlooking Manhattan) with dirt roads leading everywhere your heart desires? I didn’t, but now I’m ruined forever. Some serious Hampton vibes going on in this one.


The Waterwich Club. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

Special thanks to Claire for always making amazing images with me and a hearty thank you to Paige at Gilded Lily Events for pulling all of this together. You’re both tops.

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[…] PAT FUREY […]

Since visiting Iceland last year for the first time, Claire and I have seriously fallen in love with this country. It’s a vast and empty land, but if you know where to look, the emptiness has this finesse, this minimalistic beauty of a place stuck in time before us humans really screwed everything up. That’s what Iceland is to me – pure. And this purity is found in the kindness of their people, the never-ending landscapes, and thoughtful design sprinkled across the entire country.

Kennedy and Kirk wanted to adventure, to not really plan this out, and to journey across the Snæfellsnes peninsula with us in tow. After eloping in Stykkisholmur at one of the most northern tips of the world, we did just that. We adventured. Explored. Climbed. We fell (well just me, really – in a troll hole). Above all else, we had fun and were reminded of how beautiful this earth really is.

Here’s a small portion of what happened during our time together.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kennedy and Kirk’s Iceland elopement, check out their wedding feature on Green Wedding Shoes.

Stykkisholmur, Búðir, and Dyrhólaey. Iceland.

Many, many thanks as always to Claire Hudson for working alongside me, making travel insanely enjoyable (the week of this particular wedding, we drove 2000 miles and flew for 11 hours – and yes, it’s always worth it) and keeping me sane. Best human, ever.

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Karen Seifert - f 12, 14 - 5:11 pm


good god patrick. (i have no idea if patrick is your real name or not.) ;D

Monika Eisenbart - f 12, 14 - 5:30 pm

OMG insane

Melissa Markle - f 12, 14 - 5:41 pm

Stunning photography. Subjects and scenery aren’t so bad either 😉 Great work, beautiful couple!

Stephanie Edreich Piscitelli - f 12, 14 - 5:43 pm

just amazing.

Jonathan S. Borba - f 12, 14 - 5:48 pm

amazing work that Gabe …
used film or digital?

Claire Bunn - f 12, 14 - 5:51 pm

Fantastic Pat and Claire…You guys are an amazing duo. Love your love of each other. ;o)

Jenny Hoffman - f 12, 14 - 6:30 pm

absolutely incredible work. in awe of the beauty you captured!

Weston Cederblom - f 12, 14 - 7:04 pm

Wow, you just had my jaw on the floor. That is some killer work and feeling all crammed into one. I didn’t even feel like there was a photographer there (most the time). Bravo, love it!

Mikhail Glabets - f 13, 14 - 1:48 pm

these are super! lovely couple and wonderful pics!

Of Trees and Hues - f 13, 14 - 7:34 pm

Oh, my. This is beyond one of the most fantastically beautiful & inspiring elopements I have ever seen. I mean — Iceland!? What a brilliant couple to have chose, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous places. I’m sure this will be a shoot to remember for you, am I right? :)

You captured each shot so beautiful. Simply amazing. Bookmarking this to swoon over from time to time. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

When you mix concrete, straight lines, minimalism, and a clean aesthetic with the rustic nature of the Hudson Valley you end up with one pretty amazing wedding. Everything came together perfectly for these two and Claire and I were absolutely thrilled to have been apart of this one.

Be sure to read more about Ning and Alex’s wedding inspiration and love story on Ruffled.

And finally, a few of my favorite images from our time in Beacon with Ning and Alex.

The Roundhouse. Beacon, New York.

Many thanks as always to Claire for being apart of this one, some of her images are mixed in above.

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I’m really not sure what was better at this wedding, the food or the people. Both were seriously top-notch and if I could, I’d do this over and over again (most notably eating Bouchon’s lamb… insane). Many thanks to Diana and Long for venturing out into the desert in the mid-day heat and for not being too worried by our actual latitude and longitude meeting point.


Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro. USA.

As always many thanks to the ever talented Claire Hudson for tagging along on this one. Some of her images are mixed in above.

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