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Windswept and subtly rebellious, our recent San Francisco editorial shoot was inspired by the spirit of the modern West Coast elopement. Simple, subtle, beautiful, and intimate.

Fully believing that the way you begin your morning influences your the rest of your day, we began the shoot in a beautiful Outer Sunset home recently renovated by our friends at The Field Theory. We encourage all of our couples to think outside the box when it comes to getting ready; you and your wedding are unique, so let’s start off the day somewhere amazing.

Our couple then adventured through the streets of San Francisco to their ceremony and reception at Rodeo Beach, in Marin County. A simple piece of aubergine silk strung over weathered beach driftwood served as the backdrop for their beach ceremony.

Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio created amazingly beautiful and wild pieces for our bride and their reception table, while Jennine Jacob from Mrs. Peasy provided the table setting and styling.

     Shoot Concept: Claire Hudson

     Florals: Lambert Floral Studio

     Dress Designer: Sarah Seven, courtesy of The Dress Theory

     Suit Jacket: J.Crew

     Rentals and Table Styling: Mrs. Peasy

     Hair and Make-Up: Angela 

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So much love to everyone involved in pulling this together.

Outer Sunset and Marin Headlands, San Francisco. California.

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wes anderson wedding

Anjuli and Jesse’s boho camp wedding, with some serious Wes Anderson inspiration going on, was nothing short of perfection. It didn’t hurt that these two also are some of the coolest people we’ve ever photographed. Everything about this was super fun and we’re secretly hoping the whole post-ceremony-let’s-drink-champagne thing becomes a trend.

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Kuhn Day Camp. On the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA.

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Gail Wong - f 6, 15 - 4:42 am

amazing wedding..all look happy, wishing you the best always

Diane Nussbaum - f 7, 15 - 2:22 am

So very beautiful. Everyone looked amazing and the colors and scenery was outstanding. Each frame looked like an impressionist painting.

Robin Jarrett - f 7, 15 - 2:39 am

The shots captured the moments so creatively and beautifully! Simply gorgeous!

Kelsey and Ross celebrated together with their closest friends and family on one of the best summer days in Upstate New York. Claire and I were super excited to have played a small roll in their day, capturing moments between friends with a slice of pizza in one hand and our cameras in the other.

Dream job? You bet. leeann marshall dressbrooklyn wedding photographerlos angeles wedding photograpersouthern california wedding photographerfirst look with dadblooming hill farm weddinghipster floralssouthern california wedding photographerbrooklyn wedding portraitskids at weddingsbride walking down aisleamazing first kissesphiladelphia wedding photographernew york wedding photographer

Blooming Hill Farm. Upstate New York.

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Radha Manju - f 29, 15 - 11:49 am

Absolutely gorgeous pics!!! Love them all!!

Gloria Battista Collins - f 15, 16 - 3:16 pm

Really great pictures. You captured the true spirist of the couple.