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Just a few of my favorite images from our time with Jess and Adam (thanks for climbing on the roof with us!) at their wedding in New York City.

The Park in Chelsea. New York City, New York. The United States of America.

Many, many thanks as always to Claire Hudson for being apart of this. She’s the best.

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Hugo Coelho - f 3, 14 - 8:54 pm

so good! perfect!

Trent Bailey Cobb - f 6, 14 - 2:43 pm

killin it Pat Furey!

Max Louis Miller - f 6, 14 - 5:50 pm


Stanton Miller - f 6, 14 - 9:32 pm

Loved the Pics. I am very impressed with the quality !!

Claire and I recently headed west to explore Los Angeles, Palm Springs (notably The Ace Hotel), and then finally settling in Joshua Tree. We had some time to collaborate with BHLDN and photographed a bride in the desert.

Joshua Tree itself looked straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, and we loved our time working out there. We’d be thrilled to go back (hint, hint).


Joshua Tree, California.

Many thanks to the lovely Claire Hudson for styling and shooting with me. Many thanks also to BHLDN in Los Angeles, Alicia Lamson, and Kathleen Ty.

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Joshua Tree Wedding Photography

Nicky Wally - f 17, 14 - 5:29 pm

How do you get these brides to model so well lol great job

Jean-Laurent Gaudy - f 17, 14 - 5:32 pm


Jordan Lee - f 17, 14 - 5:40 pm

They look awesome as always Pat! Love Joshua Tree – we’ll need to do a joint adventure!

Mikhail Glabets - f 17, 14 - 5:43 pm

A lovely thumbs up!!

Melissa Ginsiorsky - f 17, 14 - 6:05 pm

Incredible as per usual. Beautiful job!

Paige Jones - f 17, 14 - 6:10 pm

love these

Meredith Adams - f 17, 14 - 6:46 pm

wowwww. So lovely!! Nice work!

Nicole Lyndsey - f 3, 15 - 3:18 am

Beautiful shoot! Do you remember the name of the dress or the designer? I would love to find the dress for my wedding but BHLDN no longer carries it. Thanks in advance!

Attempting to put together my favorite images from the past year is an insanely daunting task. I’ve likely left out some images that I shouldn’t have, but something hit me when I was putting this together…

I am eternally lucky to make meaningful photographs for couples who appreciate me, respect and trust me, and generally laugh at my bad jokes. Looking back with admiration at every wedding, couple, friendship, and adventure this year was something that will stick with me forever.

This was the best year of my life.

At this point, it goes without saying that I’m amped on what 2014 has in store for us. Here’s to a new year of adventures!


Many thanks to Claire for shooting alongside me and most importantly for her love. Some of her images are mixed in above.

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Serena - f 2, 14 - 4:49 pm

Looks like you had a pretty killer 2013. Just gorgeous!

Kaytlynn - f 2, 14 - 5:01 pm

Awesome year, Furey team! Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.

Geoff - f 2, 14 - 6:03 pm

2013 treated you well. Great work.

lydia {ever ours} - f 2, 14 - 6:35 pm

you know what’s amazing? to have seen this all come from you (and claire). super stoked to have your work on my blog always and more than proud to come here time and again to see what you’ve captured is absolutely flawless. happy new year, pat (and claire)! here’s to 2014.

Mark Sass | Wedding Photographer - f 2, 14 - 10:47 pm

Pat, you had an awsome year! Let’s rock 2014 now!

caroline - f 3, 14 - 12:16 am

Mindblowingly perfect. I mean, dude. You killed it. Done. Game over. One of the best compilations I’ve seen.

ashley - f 3, 14 - 10:55 am

ditto to everything my girl caroline said. you killed it this year. i mean my god, my heart leaps out of my chest when i look at these images. here’s to an even bigger and better year in 2014.

Veronica Varos - f 3, 14 - 5:09 pm

Absolutely ridiculous in the best way. So many insane shots! Already looking forward to seeing your 2014 review!

Julia Manchik - f 3, 14 - 9:27 pm

What a year!!! Beautiful post.

Em - f 5, 14 - 12:10 am

Totally smitten with the old man with the accordion.

karen - f 5, 14 - 9:45 pm

Holy fireworks! Absolutely incredible work- I love the richness in your images. Mmm mmm mm that’s some good light in this post.

Emilie Iggiotti - f 13, 14 - 5:06 am

oh wow! your images are gorgeous!

Theresa Furey - f 15, 14 - 10:26 pm

Bang on! What a fab 2013 Pat! Hope 2014 holds a candle for you 😉

Melissa Milis - f 25, 14 - 2:39 pm

I have no words except BEAUTIFUL Pat!