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I’m big into letting my work speak for me, but sometimes it’s nice to hear what those on the other side of my lens have to say. some of these raves are long and some are short, but they’re all real (and that’s what matters most). the words below are 100% unsolicited and have been expressed to me at the various stages in the relationships I build with those who work with me.


Hi Pat,

Just wanted to let you know how outrageously happy we are with the photos. You’re the man. I felt like matt and I were being the two most awkward people to ever have their photos taken, but somehow you ended up capturing our relationship perfectly! So happy and excited that you’ll be there on our wedding day!

Thanks a million, and so nice to finally meet you.

– kirby, after viewing her images for the first time

Getttttt out, I’m in love with you! Already losing my mind over these.

– matt (@magicdad)  via twitter

man, you got the water works going for me again. absolutely gorgeous. thanks so much for being so awesome. 

– jd

pat, you have truly captured our day exactly how it is in my memory. we are so honored to have your creativity, talent and expertise in the mix. wow. unbelievable. we are over the moon!!! and the photobomb is incredible! ha!!

– christy


I am speechless. the images are unbelievable. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so so much!!


– havi


just wanted to drop a line before we leave for hawaii to tell you how much i enjoyed having you as a part of the wedding. it felt as though a friend was snapping away, not some random vendor/photographer. your behind the scenes style and laid back personality helped me feel comfortable and relaxed on one of the most stressful, but obviously most exciting days of my life. we can’t wait to see the images you captured! thank you so much for working so well w/ the videographer and especially for respecting (and remembering!!) our wishes for certain shots. i know that could get annoying, but thanks for humoring us 🙂 

we look forward to catching up when we get back 🙂

– julie, the night of her wedding, before seeing any images

pat!!!!!!!!!!!! i loooooooooooooove the pictures!! the blog shots are amazing and I can’t wait to see more!!!!!

– julie, on her  honeymoon, after seeing the images for the first time

 Pat, we just got back last night and what a nice surprise to come home to, these are amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

– jocelyn, via facebook

Pat, absolutely amazing! You are incredibly talented, we keep getting phone calls and compliments about the photos. I can’t believe how well you captured our day, I can’t wait to see the rest! 

Thank you again, the world is truly a beautiful place through your eyes!

– erin

Pat — this is amazing work. amazing, pat. truly breathtaking. i think we may name our first child “pat furey rosenfeld.” where can we gush about you on the interwebs?  Is there a Yelp equivalent for brilliant photography?

– win

Hello Pat,

Thanks so very much for posting the pictures on your blog!  They are great.  You really are gifted.  I love Cole and one of the reasons why we are together and getting married is that we laugh a lot when we are together.  You can really see that in these pictures. Just looking at them makes me smile!

– jen

Amaaaaaaazing! i was just looking through the wedding pics and thank you so much for taking so many super snaps Pat!!

– molly

The pictures are amazing and the photos on your blog are great!!! We love! They came out just like I hoped

– dana

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